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Vung Tau Intourco Resort acts for unfortune children

Posted at: TUEsday - 15/03/2016 23:41 - post name: admin
Vung Tau orphanage – 26 Ngo Quyen street, Thang Nhat ward, Vung Tau city is the place which receives, cares and educates children who are in unhappy situations such as HIV infection, disability, orphan, homeless,… Every children in the orphanage has their own poor situations. It’s very painful when seeing children who get severely handicaped or not being cared when they’re too young.
Vung Tau Intourco Resort acts for unfortune children

Vung Tau Intourco Resort acts for unfortune children

Getting the approval of Board of Director and Board of Manager, on October 18th , 2015, the Trade Union of Vung Tau Intourco Resort has coordinated with other relevant departments to hold extracurricular activities for children in Vung Tau orphanage. On October 18th, 2015, the children came to Vung Tau Intourco Resort to visit, have fun and take lunch. By this action, Vung Tau Intourco Resort desires to contribute making a better communities and shares our care to unhappy children.
The extracurricular day in Vung Tau Intourco Resort was very successful and it’s also a good childhood memories for all children.
On behalf of the Executive Board of the Trade Union, I would like to thank to the Board of the Director of the company who has given facilities for the successful this extracurricular day. In addition, I would like to express deep thanks to all members of Vung Tau Intourco Resort who has try their best to serve children enthusiastic and kindly.

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